For Teams

Here the list of the participants!

The registration process works like this:

  1. Register to the waiting list.
  2. When we have the spots filled up, we will send an invitation to the registration and you get the payment info.
  3. Then you have 14 days to arrange the payment otherwise we will give the spot to the next team.

*** New 2020 ***!

We have a major change this year: 2 Teams 1 Shed or Extreme Edition without shed.

This has two reasons:

  1. The ground was damaged last year because if the heavy duty of the machines.
  2. The costs are very high for the rental and moving.

We are sure, that the BBQ Family can share a shed and stay warm together – even that they are competing against each other.

Shared – 300€ per Team
Teams can share a shed and help us saving money. Please tell us the team that share the shed with you.
Shared (Large)

Extreme – 200€ per Team
Do you like it extreme? This is your category – NO SHED, JUST EXTREME.

There are spots for 30Teams! Please keep in mind, that only after the payment and the confirmation mail your spot is secured!

Details for wire transfer:

Please send an email if you wish a wire transfer.

Cancellation Policy:
Up to 30 days prior to the competition you are eligible for a 80% refund. No refunds will be issued within 30 days prior to the Event.


  • Standard KCBS rules are applied
  • KCBS- ITOY: Collect your first points in Europe
  • Grand Champion is established over KCBS dishes
  • Extra category is optional
  • Deposit of 100 Euro can be paid with the registration. After the check out, you will get it back if everything is OK. We can refund it also via wire transfer.

Registration open. Link to the waiting list.