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New CBJ and CTC: Haymo Gutweniger

During the weekend from may 17th to may 18th Haymo Gutweniger attended the prestigious event KCBS-Certification in Fortezza di Verrua Savoia near Torino. The event was organized by BBQ4ALL and there were certified 40 new judges (CBJ – KCBS-Certified-BBQ-Judge) and 10 CTC (KCBS-Certified-Table-Captain). Haymo Gutweniger is one of them. Congratulations!

It’s a memorable day, no one else than Jim Johnson (winner of 76 BBQ Grand Championships) was here to help the new judges to their certification.
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Jim Johnson and Haymo Gutweniger

What is KCBS?
KCBS stands for Kansas City Barbeque Society and is one of the biggest associations worldwide around BBQ with over 14.000 members. You can find more information on the KCBS-Website.

What is BBQ4All?
BBQ4All is Italy’s biggest Grill&BBQ community with more than 4.000 followers in the forum. One name stands behind this success: Gianfranco Lo Cascio. Find more about here.