W.E.S.T. – Winter Extreme South Tyrol BBQ Contest

Dark. Cold. Extreme.

The seven year itch of WEST! Covid19, Coronavirus or however you call it hit also us. We has hope until now, but in respect to the community, the great work in the hospitals and the health of all of us, we decided to cancel the 7th Edition of WEST!
Save the date for W.E.S.T. 2022 – 14th-16th January 2022!
Stay healthy, stay safe, keep the grills burning!

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The contest will take place at the cross country ski center of the small village Riva di Tures located at 1.542m high at the foot of the highest mountain of the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina mountain range, the 3,436 m high Collalto. The sun in January normally shines about 30 to 60min a day on the contest area. The temperatures can be -20°C.

Thanks Jörn from BBQ aus Rheinhessen

Thanks Daniel von Redstyle Cooking

Thanks Christian von Cookwithme.at



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